The star of “Magic MikeChanning Tatum is on for another awesome gimmick as he surprised his fans by delivering free vodka to them one weekend, People reported.

The hunk actor posted four videos on his Instagram account showing all the fun one weekend when he surprised fans by delivering free bottles of vodka to their apartments in Los Angeles. The report said there were two bottles of born and bred Vodka brought to the fans by the actor.

The video clip was captioned, “I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend. We spent the day delivering Born and Bred Vodka to the good people of LA.”

The Instagram video showed Tatum coming from a car and climbing up to the apartment room of one fan.

He was shown carrying a bottle of vodka when he knocked on their door. The door opened with the fan screaming at the top of her lungs, the video showed.

There were four videos compiled together on the social media account of the actor. Another video showed a group of people who were already drinking and were drunk when Tatum came knocking at their door.

Then, Tatum joined them in to drink the vodka.

Born and Bred vodka

The vodka brand which the “Magic Mike” actor delivered around is known as Born and Bred. It is a brand that Tatum personally owns.

According to the official website of the alcoholic drink, it is an American craft vodka that is distilled in small batches using local potatoes from Idaho and glacial water from Grand Teton mountains.

Each distillation is hand crafted and filtered in charcoal for the distinctive taste.

The movie star’s appearance on social media bringing the bottles of the drink to random fans is an effort to promote the product. Reportedly, it is arranged in partnership with an application called Saucey which delivers alcohol on demand.

“We will do this in a different city soon so get yourself a bottle of Born and Bred and keep your eyes peeled,” the actor said in the report.

More surprises

Last weekend, Tatum was in Lexington, Kentucky to promote his upcoming movie “Logan Lucky.” The Lexington Herald Leader reported that he gave a Harley Davidson motorcycle to a lucky lady in the area.

The celebrity said in the report that he is finding new ways to promote his upcoming projects.

His upcoming new movie “Logan Lucky” is opening in cinemas this August 18. The film will reportedly we directed by Steven Soderbergh. The director also directed a movie that starred George Clooney.