Did you ever try to cut carbs and eat healthier? While this can be difficult, there are things that you can do to make the transition easier, including eating healthy pasta dishes. If you're a pasta lover, you might even want to reject this healthy initiative. Things like old habits are hard to erase. Luckily, there are pasta tweaks that will make your beloved dish healthier.

Pasta is life

Why pasta? Because pasta is life. A lot of people eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes we binge eat Mac And Cheese snack when we binge watch our favorite show.

It is also one of the easiest food to prepare when you need to cook for visitors.

The white pasta is said to have high amounts of carbs than that pasta which are rich in fiber. This too much intake of carbs without a balanced diet can lead to different illnesses including obesity. But if you're really a full-pledged pasta lover, here are your healthier alternatives.

Pasta dishes to try

Let's get your kitchen wares working and try this delicious, healthy and easy to cook pasta recipes.

1. Creamy, Light macaroni and cheese

Mac n' cheese, is a one to go meal for every macaroni lovers out there. It is creamy and cheesy but it will make your diet plan wasted. Creamy, Light Mac and Cheese uses peeled butternut squash, fat-free milk, and other fat-free alternatives without sacrificing that creamy and cheesy taste.

The squash serves as very nutritious but very healthy ingredient. Topped with Gruyere, Romano, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, there is no better way to start your morning.

2. Asparagus and Chicken Carbonara

The Carbonara is very easy to prepare and ingredients can usually be found inside the kitchen. Carbonara recipes are known to be creamy and heavy.

With this dish, the taste is delish and also assures us that we eat a balanced meal and lower carbs intake. And you will not even use whipping cream.

The secret twist is the usage of asparagus. It is a good substitute for whipping cream to achieve the same creamy texture.

3. Mushroom Bolognese

A fine meal for dinner while indulging in a good wine.

This dish is a balance of savory-taste and creamy-taste Bolognese. This dish is good for when inviting friends to have dinner in your house.

The magic was found in the mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great alternative for meat but it doesn't sacrifice the taste. You can enjoy your meat-free pasta without worrying about your meat intake. #Mac N Cheese