Pizza Hut delivered free pizzas to the homes of families affected by the floods in Texas. Crew members from the Restaurant Chain paddled through the flood waters to extend help to the people in need, according to a report by KPRC, the affiliate of NBC News in Houston.

Pizza Hut restaurant manager Shayda Habib went back to the store last week, when she heard the news about families being trapped inside their houses and running out of food supplies, KRPC reported. She immediately called her husband to prepare some kayaks, as well as gather up their team.

A strong hurricane recently made a landfall in Houston, Texas, and in the neighboring area. Hurricane Harvey has since caused several damaged properties and houses.

120 pizzas

According to Habib, their team prepared 120 pizzas and packed them right into the kayaks. The restaurant crew paddled through the floodwaters to bring these pan pizzas to the homes of the hurricane victims, KCRA reported.

These pizza boxes were delivered to the homes for free. The restaurant manager told KCRA that they paddled through the waters that rose up as high as their chest. The families were reportedly not expecting them to come to their residences, and they were smiling upon receiving the treats.

Habib also noted that the free pizza delivery will continue on September 6 and September 7.

They are going to do this until the store runs out of supplies, the report added.

Pizza Hut franchisee James Bodenstedt told the NBC News affiliate in Houston that the company is proud of such a responsive team. He noted how they immediately stepped up to help the community in calamities like what happened to Texas.

Hurricane Harvey

The greater Houston area was among the vastly devastated region in the southern state. The National Weather Service reported that some areas were hit with as much as 40 inches of rain, causing massive flooding.

Hollywood celebrities, such as Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, and the Kardashian family, have donated money for the victims of the hurricane.

DiCaprio and Bullock each donated $1 million to the relief efforts. The actress donated through Red Cross, an organization that she personally supports.

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast on Friday, causing severe flooding, which has left many people homeless. According to a report by The Guardian, the Texas department of public safety said more than 185,000 homes were damaged and 9,000 destroyed.