It has been said that everything is better with Bacon. There are many people who do not dispute that assertion. There are some people who love it just as much as Oprah Winfrey loves bread. In fact, she probably loves bacon too.

There are several days associated with the popular food. August 20 is National Bacon Lover's Day, but don't get it confused with National Bacon Day on December 30 and International Bacon Day on September 2. August 20 is the day to honor those who love the food rather than celebrating the meat itself. However, sometimes it is hard to separate the two.

About the food

Bacon is made from the belly of a pig in the United States and Canada. Everywhere else in the world, it comes from the side and back of the pig. No matter which part of the pig it comes from, lovers of it say they really don't care.

Bacon is so popular that it is a staple that goes great with other breakfast foods. Therefore, it is on the menu of every restaurant that serves breakfast, such as IHOP and Waffle House. The strip has become so popular that it can be added as a topping for hamburgers, on submarine sandwiches, as part of a club sandwich, and wrapped around hot dogs. Bacon bits are used in salads to give it a smoky flavor and a crunchy taste.

The people who love the food

Since it is a very popular food in the United States, there is nothing wrong with being described as a bacon lover. The meat is not bad for a person if it is eaten in moderation. Besides, there are many different types on the market and there are healthier options. Therefore, lovers of the meat are not limited to eating only the pork kind.

Other than pork, a lot of people eat turkey bacon. Healthier choices include beef, lamb, chicken, and goat even though you don't see those kinds that often in your local grocery store.

The meat is very versatile. It can be eaten fried, boiled, baked, smoked, or grilled. It can be picked up and eaten on its own or used as an ingredient to flavor foods such as collard greens and other vegetables.

Bacon is such a comfort food that there are lovers of it all over the world. It is often the subject of comedians who say they love it. In fact, comedian Steve Harvey loves is so much that he has his own brand. Companies have capitalized on the meat and have come up with items that give the flavor and scent of bacon, such as popcorn, chewing gum, sodas, soap, candles, and air fresheners. And yes, there really is a bacon ice cream.