Favorite chocolate brand M&M’s has recently unveiled the return of a Halloween-inspired flavor that customers will love. Elite Daily reported that the company has brought back the Cookies And Cream flavor, slated for the Halloween season.

This M&M’s flavor is called “Cookies and Scream,” in order to go in sync with what the season offers. It is a play on the original flavor, but each bite-size chocolate used dark brown choco ingredients, sprinkled with white cream. While it is not an actual cookie, the candies are in the form of the classic M&M’s tiny chocolates, but flavored as cookies and cream, Elite Daily added.

Instagram user Junk Banter shared a photo of the packaging, which is a blend of purple and black. The Instagram account also shared details on where customers can get the limited edition M&M’s flavor. The report pointed out that the product is not yet available in major retailers as of now, except for lucky stores that were granted the rights to sell the product.

Available at Target

Junk Banter posted on its social media page that the Halloween-themed chocolates will be available at Target, beginning this August. He also added that the products are expected to hit other major stores in the following days.

“In the meantime, go and add them to your shopping bags filled with stuff you definitely do not need during your next Target visit,” Junk Banter posted.

The company’s products are among the most in-demand items as the Halloween season approaches, as customers buy them for trick-or-treating.

Mash-up flavor

Pop Sugar released another report on the return of this M&M’s candy flavor. According to the website, the “Cookies and Scream” variant is like a mash-up of M&M’s and Oreos, a favorite cookie brand made by Nabisco.

“We’ve flirted with this concept before, as seen on the Easter sundae white and milk candies, Double chocolate milk and dark choco candies, and the Triple Chocolate candies arriving this winter, which have dark, white and milk flavors,” the Instagram user added in the post.

Food companies and restaurants are creating new variants of their products this autumn and Halloween season.

It has been earlier reported that Starbucks has released its Pumpkin Spice Latte in some major branches in the United States.

M&M’s also recently released its candies made with White Pumpkin Pie flavor. It contains the original chocolates, filled with ingredients from homemade pumpkin pies.