Summer is not concluding until the end of the month, but chocolate company M&M’s has already released its newest autumn flavor in store shelves, Teen Vogue reported.

According to the report, the chocolate manufacturing giant is making available for purchase its newest flavor, the white Pumpkin Pie. The announcement of this flavor came earlier this year, despite the fact that it comes with the company’s autumn-themed products.

Teen Vogue said that Mars, Inc. is making the White Pumpkin Pie M&M’s available in various stores. The newest product on the line contains bite-sized choco candies, filled with white chocolate and concocted with ingredients from homemade pumpkin pies.

The ingredients are cloves and cinnamon, the article added.

Available in stores

M&M’s has decided to release its newest fall-themed products, even though autumn has not yet started. Teen Vogue reported that the chocolate bites had been sold in Walmart stores beginning last week.

The Candy Warehouse website, an online portal that sells the product has also been offering the white pumpkin pie-flavored chocolates since last spring, according to the article.

The report said that foodies and fans of the brand would experience a sumptuous taste of the classic homemade pie in one confectionery chocolate bite. For those who are not fans of the pumpkin-based ingredients, the company is also releasing a variety which only includes the white chocolate flavor without the autumn-themed mixes.

Early release

The company did not wait until the Halloween season to release the fall-themed flavors. The white chocolate pumpkin delights are great as an addition to pancakes, milkshakes, protein shakes, cookies and other sweet treats, Teen Vogue added.

There are also other companies that took advantage of releasing their Halloween-themed products earlier.

According to the report, Starbucks also released a flavored pumpkin drink earlier this week. Another company, Halo Top reportedly launched its limited edition pumpkin pie flavors as well.

Delish, a website that publishes food-related information, reported that the company also released a limited edition Halloween flavor last year.

The website said that M&M’s featured Harry Potter’s favorite drink, the Butterbeer in its chocolate products.

The company released a limited edition Butterbeer-flavored candies just in time for fall last year, Delish noted. It came as a partnership deal with the Harry Potter spin-off movie, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them,” which was shown in cinemas before 2016 ended.