EatPakd announced on August 1, 2017; it would rebrand as "Wise Apple,” ready-to-eat meal delivery service and platform that enables parents to order healthy lunches and snacks for their children easily. Each meal is dietitian-approved and includes an individually portioned main dish, fruit, veggie and sweet treat sourced local and organic. Gluten free and dairy free means are also offered in each balanced lunch.

Company background

Wise Apple started out as the solution to Rebecca Sholiton’s feeling of guilt about not being able to find the time to prepare a variety of balanced meals for her children.

Rebecca subsequently co-founded EatPakd/Wise Apple where she currently serves as the CEO. Before diving into this Business, Rebecca had already established an impressive career in the food industry.

“Starting my own food-centered company just seemed like a natural next step,” Rebecca Sholiton stated in a recent exclusive interview. “We rolled up our sleeves, seeking inspiration from Pinterest and hand delivering ready-to-serve lunches to families across the Midwest.”

In 2016, Rebecca and her small staff prepared the meals and delivered them personally. In the process of doing daily business, they got to know their customers and used their feedback to strengthen the company’s offerings.

Future brand goals

In August of 2017, Rebecca publicly declared that her company would be renamed “Wise Apple” since the brand was seeking a new name that felt suitable, experiential, and involved their primary audience of kids throughout the entire process. The company even includes several original characters with unique personalities.

“Wise Apple’s refreshed identity is inspired by parents and kids and adds a fun, playful spin on the company’s original mission- to provide real food to real families who live hectic lives,” Rebecca declared. “We firmly believe that food habits are built at home and through conversations between kids and parents. So, as we built our mix-and-match product and our website, we wanted an experience that encouraged kids to make their own food decisions.

We diligently focus on where our menu ingredients are sourced, and we even partner with local farms, suppliers, and partners that share our values so that parents can feel good about the food that their kids are eating when they're not at home.”

Rebecca notes that the re-branding of the company is inspired by parents and kids and builds on the core operations of the original mission--to provide real food to real families who live busy lives. Instead, the rebranding aims only to increase the future offerings and possibilities of the platform which has already been garnering rave reviews from parents and children alike.

“We love hearing about kids coming home and asking their parents for our foods again,” Rebecca proclaimed. “Our meals are very healthy, fresh and convenient and our goal is to have more people use our services for many years to come.”