Coffee drinkers have heard of red velvet cupcake ingredients in coffee or spicy mint in coffee. But with Starbucks working hard to add more variety to its menu, there is something that coffee drinkers will love – beef on the cup.

World’s famous cafe Starbucks is reportedly serving a new drink that mixes coffee with Beef Jerky. The new Starbucks Coffee Drink is called Pepper Nitro, a glass as nitro cold brew cup topped with iconic breakfast favorite beef jerky, People Food reported.

According to the report, the beef jerky piece sits on top of a bamboo skewer for added garnishing.

People Food mentioned that this is not just any breakfast delight, but actually “gourmet beef jerky” taken from grass-fed meat.

Iconic breakfast meets favorite drink

Beef jerky has been a delicious and healthy breakfast substitute for many people. According to website Golden Valley Natural, the breakfast delight contains no preservatives, is minimally processed, high in protein and is low in fat.

The breakfast substitute is said to be a fine source of protein, especially for health-conscious individuals. Golden Valley Natural said that it is often mixed with eggs, chicken or fish.

The new Starbucks drink, as People Food described, is topped with sweet honey foam layers. Ingredients include pink peppercorn and pepper nitro, then comes to beef jerky slice with a bamboo skewer just above the cup.

The report said the coffee is a combination of sweet and salty, perfect for drinkers to start off the day. Customers can start heading over to selected Starbucks stores to try this.

Pepper nitro

What coffee drinkers get from this new Starbucks product is beef meat literally blended with the morning cup.

The coffee base, according to People Food, is pepper nitro cold brew. The pepper nitro brew consists of coffee beans taken from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The beans are cultivated by farmers living by a large lake in the eastern region of the country.

The coffee beans from these trees naturally have the sweet and spicy tones, according to the report.

Starbucks chose this coffee base to pair with the beef jerky as it is a “sweet and savory” combination with black pepper syrup, People Food noted further.

The new drink has been offered in stores since the 31 July 2017, and is a limited edition coffee. Customers can get this new coffee drink by Starbucks in selected stores only, the report noted.