For 12 years, Coca-Cola drinkers loved the company’s Coke Zero, a sugar-free soda designed for those looking for zero calorie drinks, a report on website Insauga stated. Unfortunately, fans of the sugar-free drink will have to say goodbye to Coke Zero, as the company recently phased out the drink and replaced it with a rebranded bottle.

Stores have phased out the old Coke Zero since last week. The report stated that the new product, which is called “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar,” has a better taste than the older soda bottle, though it also contains no sugar and no calories.

“The no-calorie fan favorite will deliver an even better-tasting recipe,” the company stated in the Insauga report.

The new product Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is packaged in a “more minimalist bottle” with the colors of black and red. The text just below the cap reads, “new improved taste.” Another text at the bottom tip of the bottle meanwhile says, “zero calorie cola.”

Just about branding

Since fans have since loved the older soda product for over a decade, the company made it clear that the new bottle is only a rebranded product. According to website Food Dive, the ingredients in the new product are similar to the ones from the older product.

“The ingredients in both of the products are the same, but the company stated it is changing the ‘blend of flavors’ to make it taste more like the original bottle of full sugar soda.

It will also look more like the original soda, featuring the usual logos and graphics on the can," Food Dive stated in the report.

Likewise, the Coca-Cola company reportedly saw the need to rebrand, because the “sales of low and no-calorie drinks are on the rise,” taking advantage of the current market trend.

Angry fans

Are fans just on separation anxiety over Coke Zero?

Since fans have patronized the old product for more than ten years, the change of product reportedly drew ire over social media with drinkers seemingly angry and disappointed on the move.

According to Food Dive, social media brought thousands of voices from consumers who labeled the rebranding as “disastrous launch,” comparing it to a 1980s reveal of another product by the same company.

Twitter user James Stallings is quoted on He wrote, “Coke is killing Coke Zero. Armageddon has arrived.”

But it seems that there is no stopping now on the new products hitting the store shelves.

Food Dive website added, “The company wants to establish the point that for fans and drinkers trying to avoid sugar, this is the product for you.”