Ever wonder how celebrities survive this diet? Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, and Miley Cyrus are proud followers of this nutritional practice. How do they do it? It could be a total challenge for people who've just begun dieting. Paleo Diet itself is a bit difficult to follow.

How challenging is it going to get if it's combined with vegetarianism?

Now, that's a feat. Well, truth be told, adding limitations to the trendy but restrictive diet is not going to be easy. One factor is that there are some foods in the Vegetarian diet that may not be suitable for the Paleo diet.

For example, there are sources of #Vegetarian protein that are not allowed in Paleo. This includes beans, cheese, wheat, and legumes.

If you're willing to eat a dozen eggs in a day just to keep up with your protein needs, go ahead. Know this though: you're not going to last three days. This leads us to the conclusion that a vegetarian Paleo diet may just be good for a day or two.

For those who are on a Paleo diet, it's surely going to be easy for you to shift to vegetables instead of bacon. This is only a short-term challenge: one day and let's see if you can last! It's a total guarantee that you'll feel more energized after a day! Paleo

Welcome to our vegetarian Paleo menu.

PopSugar says that these are the best meals for your one-day vegetarian Paleo challenge.

Start with a power breakfast. Avocado and eggs are great choices. You can boil the egg and prepare your toast for your avocado. You get lots of protein, and you'll be surprised with the energy you'll have until noon!

Just before lunch, try to substitute your snack to a healthy smoothie instead. Berries would be perfect for this one.

It has enough fiber and protein content too.

For lunch, please don't get tempted to eat in a fast food restaurant. Pack your lunch. Get a recipe for a sweet potato salad, and you'll be set!

Your afternoon snack is a vital part of your day. This curbs your cravings and stabilizes your hunger before your evening meal. It's pretty important so make sure not to miss it and choose something healthy like nuts but just limit your intake.

A handful of nuts will do. Oh, take note, peanuts are forbidden in Paleo rules - other nuts are just fine.

Here's the last major meal of the day: your pasta. This time, zucchini noodles since grains are off limits. Pump it up in Italian style!

Don't be scared to treat yourself to a wonderful Paleo and vegan frozen bonbons. You only need four ingredients to make these: applesauce, almond butter, bananas and dark chocolate chips. Just choose the dairy-free dark chocolate and make sure to put it in moderation.