National Banana Lovers Day is celebrated every year on August 27. Don't get this day mixed up with National Banana Day that is celebrated on April 18 or National Banana Split Day that was celebrated two days ago on August 25. Almost everyone loves bananas, and a special day has been designated just for banana lovers.

You might not be a die hard banana lover. However, if you eat bananas at all, you are among the million of people who eat bananas either as they are or in other foods. Most people know that bananas are good in cereal, pancakes, smoothies, bread, pies, cakes, or mixed with ice cream in a banana split.

Some people put peanut butter on their banana for a delicious snack.

About bananas

Bananas are categorized as one of the most popular fruits in the world. The average person eats about 33 pounds of them each year. That's about 100 bananas per person.

A raw banana has only 89 calories and is 75 percent water, 23 percent carbohydrates, 1 percent fat and 1 percent protein. The fruit is very high in potassium and fiber. Because of these ingredients, bananas help prevent ulcers, high blood pressure, loss of calcium, and some types of cancer.

How to celebrate

Banana lovers can celebrate bananas by eating a plain one or by frying them, grilling them, or adding them to s'mores. For a refreshing snack, a banana split is always welcomed.

After dinner on Sunday afternoon, treat your whole family to a treat by either making a banana split for each person or taking everyone out to the ice cream parlor for dessert.

How to peel a banana

While you are sharing a banana split with your family, let them know some trivia about the fruit. For instance, share with them that most people peel bananas the wrong way.

If they don't believe you, tell them to watch how a monkey peels a banana because he does it right. Most people tend to peel it from the top; however, the proper way is to peel it from the bottom. Some people say they don't care as long as the banana gets peeled. It really is more efficient to peel it from the bottom and hold it by its handle as you eat it.

Another good tip about bananas is to purchase them green unless you are going to use them right away. They are like some fruits that ripen after they are separated from their source. If you keep bananas for a long time, they change from green to yellow and then to a brownish yellow with spots. Even though the outside skin is discolored, sometimes the inside of a banana is still good enough to eat.