In-N-Out Burger is a popular restaurant that specializes in delicious hamburgers. The Fast Food Chain will always be limited to the West Coast. The popular eatery will never move to the East Coast for several reasons. Once people know the four reasons, they will understand why. Fans, including politicians, have been begging for the restaurant to expand to states on the East Coast.

People on the East Coast often hear celebrities talk about going to In-N-Out Burger after special Hollywood events. They have been wondering for years why the popular restaurant has been staying away from the East Coast. Since the fast-food chain was found over 70 years ago in California, it has remained in that state and surrounding states such as Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Texas.


The restaurant based in Irvine, California was founded in 1948 and has 313 locations in that region with a yearly revenue of $575 million with a limited menu.The In-N-Out menu consists of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, fountain drinks, and milkshakes. When asked why the popular restaurant is not in every state where it is sure to be successful, four major factors have been given. The conclusion of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that people on the East Coast will ever get to experience an In-N-Out in their state.

Reasons not on East Coast

First of all, the In-N-Out Burger restaurants must be located within 300 miles of the company's distribution facilities because there is no refrigerators or microwaves in the restaurants. All patties are made and delivered fresh to the restaurants in the company delivery vehicles on a daily basis.

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Nothing is ever frozen and thawed out. All the restaurants must be close to the distribution centers. The East Coast is too far away to transport the freshly made patties.

Secondly, being exclusive to only one area gives the fast food chain more appeal. If the restaurants were located every place like a McDonald's, it would not have the appeal that In-N-Out Burger has. It would be just another fast food restaurant among many others.

Thirdly, East Coast burger places would be in fierce competition with In-N-Out, including Five Guys. On the West Coast, the popular restaurant doesn't have to worry about heavy competition.

Fourthly, the burger restaurant favored by celebrities and natives in the six states where the restaurants are located has no franchising. The company is privately owned with strong family ties, and the family wants to keep it that way. This wouldn't be the case if franchises were available in all states.

While the restaurant has no plans to ever move to the East Coast, it invites people visiting a region where an In-N-Out Burger is located to stop by and order as many burgers, fries, and milkshakes as they want.