Cheese is practically everywhere and you can enjoy it during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There's also a long list of healthy and unhealthy cheese-flavored snacks. You may think that you're making a free and independent choice to eat cheese, simply because you prefer it but vegan YouTuber, Jenny Mustard, begs to differ.

Cheese acts like morphine in your body

When your body metabolizes and processes the milk proteins called caseins, a substance called casomorphins enters into your system. These peptides behave like morphine by activating your brain's opioid receptors – the same part of your brain that is activated by cocaine.

According to Mustard, this drug-like property is suitable for nursing calves who need to return to their mother for her nourishing milk. But when people, like you and me, take fresh dairy milk and turn it into cheese, we consume a highly concentrated source of this morphine-esque dairy drug.

This news isn't just vegan mumbo-jumbo as scientists have found that cheese is particularly addictive when compared to other foods, according to the Yale Food Addiction Scale cited by Tech Times.

Cheese is addictive

It's easy to see why cheese is everywhere. You can choose from cheese omelettes, cheese burgers, macaroni and cheese, and cheezits. Suffice it to say, we're absolutely inundated with, and dependent on, cheese and it's not because we happen to like it. We're Addicted to it.

Calcium or crack?

We’re told that we need to consume dairy products if we want to have strong, healthy bones and that we need calcium from cheese.

But have we been sold a bill of lies when it comes to this diet staple? It seems that food manufacturers know the deep and dirty secret about cheese, and they are milking this lucrative product for all that it’s worth.

What’s more, food companies are keeping America addicted to cheese by telling them that it’s not only a healthy food but a necessary one. Marketing, advertising, health experts and governments are doing a fine job at this.

In fact, researchers found that the average American consumes close to 35 pounds of cheese each year.

Should you eschew all dairy?

It’s true that all dairy products contain caseins, but they’re not very threatening when they're diluted in fresh milk. The problem is when they’re concentrated into a condensed dairy product like cheese. You don’t have to boycott dairy altogether, but it might be a good idea to cut back on cheese. The addictive quality of cheese could be the reason why you eat it with every meal. It might also be the reason behind your high cholesterol levels or weight-loss struggles.

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