McDonald's launched their own campaign and asked people to vote for their McFlurry flavor choice. It turns out, pikachu won the poll. The banana with chocolate combination is mouth-watering indeed. The McFlurry is also something special. The cup is designed to have the face of Pikachu, the famous yellow Pokemon everyone knows. Aside from Pikachu's face in the cup, the campaign will start on July 14.

There were six flavors from the poll namely "Habanero Charmander," "White Peach Jigglypuff," "Ramune soda Squirtle," "Broccoli Bulbasaur," "Sweet Potato Gengar," and "Choco-banana Pikachu." Among the six flavors that were proposed, Choco-banana Pikachu came out victorious.

A post from the McDonald's Japan Twitter age announces the result:

Judging by the image with the Twitter post, the combination is a success. It all boils down to reviews and customers' judgment.

Six expressions

Furthermore, the Pikachu McFlurry has six emotions. This will provide a certain element of uniqueness rather than focusing on one cup only. The expressions are winking Pikachu, smiling Pikachu, sleeping Pikachu, angry Pikachu, and worried Pikachu. Whatever the expressions of the cute yellow Pokemon, it is always cute.

Or so the Japanese say, "Kawaii," which translates to "cute" in English. The Twitter post can be viewed below along with a video:

Again, it is unclear whether people randomly receive a Pikachu emotion or specifically pick their own.

However, based on the Twitter post above, it may be possible for customers to order a specific emotion for their limited edition McFlurry. The post above roughly translates to, "Which Pikachu emotion do you want to see? I'll be waiting for your replies!" with the hashtag "#Pikachu."

Happy meal that comes with the Pikachu McFlurry

The Pikachu McFlurry isn't the only dessert that people can buy.

Additionally, they can also purchase a Happy Meal (Happy Set in Japan) with it, containing the Pokemon figurines as collectibles.


This is for the Pokemon fans, specifically children, that wish to collect these as a memento or commemoration. Other than that, the Japanese really love the furry yellow Pokemon. The campaign starts on July 14 at all McDonald's locations exclusively in Japan. The Pikachu McFlurry with chocolate and banana combo is something that people should taste and see. After all, it is Japan and this country never fails to surprise everyone.