Ben and Jerry's is coming out with new flavors left and right, and many of them are hard to find. So, in order to get your favorite flavor, you now have the option of ordering it to be d#elivered right to your doorstep. This is even better for the non-dairy flavors such as Cherry Garcia and PB & Cookies flavors, which are hardly found in many grocery stores.


The cost is much higher than you would see in a typical Grocery Store. The grocery store near me sells a pint of the regular kind for $4.69. According to Ben & Jerry's own website, however, Ben & Jerry's are selling their pints for $5.99 for the regular kind, and $6.99 for their non-dairy flavors.

This also does not include shipping costs, which for #Ice Cream is $19 or up to $49.99 for overnight shipping. They also are selling their pint slices, and even their frozen yogurt as well, and even offer some of their ice creams in bundles of 3 for a reduced price.

This is much lower for the merchandise that they sell, such as T-shirts, and scoops. They even have a lock that you can use to make sure that other people do not steal your ice cream while you are away, which is nifty. Their shirts start off at $22, while some of their other items, like their scoop, is only $10. They also sell a set of sustainable bamboo bowls for $18 that you can purchase in blue and green.

However, due to the large costs in shipping, it would be much more cost-effective to purchase your ice-cream in larger batches of 3 or more tubs, just to make sure that your order total surpasses the shipping costs.

So if you have a friend or a relative you can split the costs with, this is perfect!

More vegan options

News of Ben & Jerry's new delivery option is great for vegans, who may not otherwise have that many vegan ice cream options close by. In related news, the brand coffee giant Starbucks has released many new food items for their grab and go menu, including a chicken and quinoa protein bowl, as well as a vegan option: the lentils and vegetable protein bowl with brown rice.

Other vegan menu options have been making the list at Starbucks as well, including an Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato as well as the Iced Cascara Coconut Milk Latte.

As more vegan options appear and become more readily available, it makes it easier and easier to go vegan and stay vegan long term. Now you no longer have to just go without ice cream if you are lactose intolerant or else can't consume dairy, but you can even have it delivered to your door, what else can someone ask for?