From 'Witchfire' to 'The Avengers', 5 games missing from the Xbox Series X and the PS5 reveals

E3 2017: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Revealed Once More [Source: BagoGames - Flickr]
E3 2017: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Revealed Once More [Source: BagoGames - Flickr]

These titles were M.I.A. from two of the biggest gaming events of 2020

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Both Microsoft and Sony have revealed what the next generation of console gaming has to offer in the form of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 devices, respectively. The official hardware, their features, and the games are out in the open now. But as the dust settled, it was quickly discovered that some highly anticipated titles didn’t make it to either event.

In fact, some of these titles have been M.I.A. for some time. Many might argue that this is due to the developers preparing for these new consoles. But it doesn’t matter if these Video Games were originally designed for the current generation at this point. Most of these titles will be cross-generational and enhanced through “Smart Delivery.”

What does matters is each game’s chances of making it to store shelves and digital libraries? And things aren’t looking good for some of these titles. Here is a list of 5 of the most highly anticipated video games that weren’t shown at both events.


5. 'Witchfire'

From the makers of ‘Bulletstorm’ comes ‘Witchfire.’ Or so it would have if it hadn’t skipped the Xbox Series X and PS5 reveal events. This first-person shooter made its debut at the Video game Awards in 2017 and looks to bring its own insane style of ballistics to the fray. The aesthetics are that of a dark fantasy while the gunplay is frenetic and skill-based. It’s a combination that made ‘Witchfire’ stand out among shooters back then. Hopefully, this one doesn’t turn into vaporware.


4. ‘Deep Down’

Capcom’s co-op dungeon crawler ‘Deep Down’ had left many soaked in anticipation when it was revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 back in 2013. Since then, no one has seen or heard from the PS4 exclusive. The concept seemed like a marriage between ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Dark Souls.’ As the “Ravens,” players had the ability to transport themselves to ancient dungeons through historical memories locked away in artifacts.

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