5 reasons the Xbox Series X has already won the console war this generation

Xbox Series X Blow-by-Blow Specs Analysis - It's A MONSTER! [Source: GamingBolt - YouTube]
Xbox Series X Blow-by-Blow Specs Analysis - It's A MONSTER! [Source: GamingBolt - YouTube]

Microsoft's Xbox Series X console already has this console war in the bag.

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The next generation of consoles is already shaping up to be another slobber knocker with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 as being consoles are being prepared to throw down at the end of 2020 [VIDEO]. Although each console has already drawn their line in the sand with their specs, it’s still too soon to tell which has the clear advantage this coming generation. Or is it?

Surprisingly, upon close analysis, it seems Microsoft’s latest Xbox could take home the victory this generation—something no Xbox console has ever done—and with relative ease. How exactly? The list should help to clarify things.


The most powerful console

Let’s get this out of the way: As of writing this, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful of the two thanks to media sources running benchmarks on their specs. Microsoft’s console is a beast with a graphical computing speed clocking in at 12 teraflops while Sony’s PlayStation 5 supposedly sits at 10 teraflops (more on that later). Now, to be fair, teraflops don’t tell the whole story. However, it’s enough for simple folks who want bang for their buck.


Better backward compatibility

Another advantage the Xbox Series X has over the PS5 is that it’s actually backward compatible with an assortment of Xbox titles spanning all the way back to the original. Although the PS5 also has backward compatibility, sources had claimed it only supports titles from its immediate predecessor, the PlayStation 4. This would make sense considering it would devalue Sony’s streaming service PlayStation Now which acts as an alternative.

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