Because of the current pandemic, plenty of states and cities have ordered citizens to stay home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus [VIDEO]. Many people are stating on social media that they’re bored from staying at home all day. Here are six ways to stay active during the current pandemic.


The gyms in your area may be closed and you may not have a fully furnished at-home gym at your disposal, but there are plenty of exercise moves you can do in the comfort of your home. POPSUGAR has a list of 20 at-home exercise moves that'll make you feel good.

These routines are body slimming and encourage optimal health:

  • Yoga
  • Crossfit
  • Anaerobic
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Aerobics

Be proactive

Maybe you have a project due in a couple of weeks or you’ve been meaning to do something in the house but haven’t had the time. Right now, it’s time to act. Prioritize the things you can do quarantined (to-do items that don’t require leaving the house or things you can do quickly). Do the tasks that have a deadline quickly approaching or that you’ve put off for a while first.

Or, procrastinate

So maybe you’ve been hard at work, you’re stressed, or you’re anxious about the pandemic. It’s okay and completely healthy to relax and unwind for a little. But don’t forget to complete your important deadlines/to-do list.

Take up indoor activities

Indoor activities help keep you and especially your child/children’s boredom at bay. Playing board games, painting, writing, and cleaning are activities that can keep you or your kids busy. If you want to use the TV, there are plenty of family-oriented video games like Trivial Pursuit or Wheel of Fortune.


A cluttered room equates to a cluttered mind. You may have small items in places that don’t belong, clothes that need recycling, or you have items you haven’t touched (and won’t touch) in months. Decluttering and organizing can help keep you from being scatterbrained, and now is the time to complete that task.

Surf the Internet

Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat. All of these applications are readily available at the palm of your hand. Ask friends and family to recommend a couple of movies and series to try and help curb your quarantine boredom. Check through different social media applications to see what celebrities are doing and catch up with old friends.

Remember to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Politicians, doctors, and celebrities are taking to social media to state the importance of practicing safe measures in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. WHO, the World Health Organization, recommends washing your hands, keeping social distance, avoiding touching your face, and covering your coughs and sneezes.