Discrimination is a topic of which America continually struggles. But amid the Black community, hair discrimination is also prevalent. Teen Kerion Washington recently felt the sting of this biased projection after he was reportedly denied a summer job at Six Flags Over Texas back in March.

According to Dallas News, the company's alleged discrimination came when they told him to come back after he had cut his hair. Washington says Six Flags officials told him that, since it was "just hair," it would eventually grow back.

Of course, the teen refused to cut his hair and began looking for another job opportunity that wouldn't discriminate against his cultural locs.

The teen's mother, Karis Washington, shared the situation via Facebook and it gained over 17,000 shares. Reportedly, several jobs offered to hire him after the story went viral regarding Six Flags' alleged hair discrimination claim. According to Kerion Washington's mother, his hair has nothing to do with his work ethic. And little did they know, IMG Los Angeles' head of development, Corrie Caster, was observing the discrimination story before hitting up the teen on Instagram.

What was meant for bad turned into good

NBC 5 - DFW reports that Washington's mother says Corrie's outreach was a blessing for her and Kerion. Reportedly, IMG Los Angeles has been responsible for representing models like Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, and Bella Hadid, just to name a few.

So, the development head contacted Austin-based agency Jones Model Management and asked if they could work with Kerion Washington to develop a portfolio — because she believes he has what it takes to make it in the industry.

Well, Leslie Jones — of the management agency — says he's a bonafide "natural," hair and all. "We got him here and he was a natural," she mentions to NBC 5.

"We are just helping him learn how to pose and how to walk. He was just so good for it being his first time."

Kerion says he never expected he'd become a model. But this hair discrimination situation opened a door for the 17-year-old, just as he mentioned to NBC 5. He notes that, when the door shut at Six Flags, this one opened.

After the discrimination, while he thought Corrie's inbox message was about another possible summer job, he realized it was a modeling opportunity. "I had to take it," Washington mentions.

Discrimination in United States' history

America has a long history of discrimination against Blacks. Likewise, hair hasn't been excluded. It has been such an ongoing problem that the California legislature recently passed into law the Crown Act, which protects against hair discrimination. Yes, this is a real thing, and it's completely necessary. Sen. Holly J. Mitchell is the author behind the bill.

While on the Senate floor, she argued that particular dress codes which ban kinky hair actually punish Blacks for their natural appearance.

She also spoke on ongoing employment denial as well as termination due to employers' hair discrimination. And that's not just in the workplace. There have been several cases where schools have literally made Black children cut their hair on-the-spot or face suspension because their hair was deemed "unruly or a distraction to others." How? And in what way? Who are "others"?

Nevertheless, it's good to see that Kerion Washington is positively reaping from Six Flags' alleged hair discrimination, and the employment rejection which followed. All in all, what are your thoughts about the situation?