5 key takeaways from the Chicago Cubs' Sunday win over Colorado Rockies

The Cubs dropped one on Sunday. - [Ron Cogswell / Flickr]
The Cubs dropped one on Sunday. - [Ron Cogswell / Flickr]

It was a rare blowout loss for the Cubs, who have mostly had a good spring.

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The Chicago Cubs dropped one on Sunday (March 17) to the Colorado Rockies, 7-2, and there were several takeaways from the Spring Training loss.


Leadoff continues to struggle

For the third straight offseason, the Cubs largely ignored the massive hole in the lineup that is the leadoff hitter. Since Dexter Fowler departed after the World Series season, the team has had a rotating ball of failure batting leadoff. Sunday, that failure continued, as the team tries to figure out who will attempt the job full time in 2019. Ben Zobrist got the call and proceeded to go 0-for-3 with a strikeout. He's having a lousy spring anyway, hitting just .192 so far.


Heyward continues to be horrible

Jason Heyward wants to prove he's not a waste of a contract or a roster spot. So far this spring, he's not accomplishing that. The right fielder, who is among the highest paid players in baseball, went 0-for-3 on Sunday, and has lowered his average to a miniscule .125 so far. It's not even that he's not getting hits, he's not making remotely solid contact. We're now just 11 days from the regular season and it's already looking like another lost year for the still young player.

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