Sister Wives: Five glimpses into the Flagstaff homes of the Kody Brown family

Fans of Kody Brown's family can't wait to find out more about the move to Flagstaff. Meanwhile, here's a few hints about their homes.


"Sister Wives" patriarch Kody Brown moved the family to Flagstaff, Arizona last year. In the upcoming season, viewers will see some of that, according to the TLC preview. In the meantime, fans ask about the homes they currently live in. Apparently, they don't live all in one house, much like in Nevada. However, we do know Kody rented some properties. In the meantime, Radar Online dug into the fact that they registered new properties. No doubt, that land's not yet all developed. In the meantime, here are some clues [VIDEO] as to their current homes.


'Sister Wives': Christine Brown's Flagstaff kitchen

Christine Brown took to her Instagram on Friday, January 11 to post a photo of the beautiful view from her kitchen window. She said she finds it difficult to wash dishes and would rather look out the window. From that photo, we can see a little bit of her home. She has a granite-topped work surface around the sink and modern taps. Pot plants line the window sill of polished wood which is surrounded by facebrick-style tiles. Apparently this home was acually purchased.


Meri Brown's Flagstaff home

Meri posted up a photo around Thanksgiving. It showed her kitchen, and the workspace has no obvious view at all. Looking rather open-plan, it seems the sink's on a standalone counter. The mottled marble topping is a gray color. On one side stands what looks like a stand-alone cupboard made of wood. The floors are wooden and decorated by the dog and piles of boxes. In another photo, Meri posted a shot of the view of the snow from what looked like an upstairs baclony.


Janelle Brown's home

At New Year, Janelle Brown shared a photo of their living room. They were working on a jigsaw puzzle at the time. What we can see from the photo is that the home has a fireplace with stonework and a mantle shelf. The floor is carpeted in gray and the television stands on a corner table. The shutter blinds are the same as an earlier post she shared of her daughter Savannah's room.


Robyn Brown's home

Robyn shared several photos of her kitchen area when her daughter made her an amazing birthday cake in October. In her Instagram post, we can see that the walls of her passageway are whilte and clean. The floor of her kitched has pale tiles on it. There's plenty of cupboard and workspace as well. The kitchen looks fully equipped. The workspace is white and the cupboards have a wood-finish veneer. Radar Online reported her rental is a million dollar home, while Janelle's home is much smaller.


Outdoor views show deer in the gardens

Meri and Robyn both posted photos showing deer outside their homes. It's rather obvious they live on the outskirts of Flagstaff and the gardens are not lush. It almost looks like they found a hideaway in the wilderness.

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