NBA beckons for Bryce Maximus James even though he's only going on 12-years-old

NBA's upcoming star, Bryce Maximum James is just going on 12-years-old - Image credit @SLAMonline | Twitter
NBA's upcoming star, Bryce Maximum James is just going on 12-years-old - Image credit @SLAMonline | Twitter

Recently, LeBron James posted a video of Bryce playing basketball on Instagram. Here are 5 videos of this upcoming talent.

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LeBron James shared a video of his youngest son Bryce Maximus playing ball

LeBron James, currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, has two sons and both of them play basketball. His youngest son, Bryce Maximus is not only a cute little fellow but he is incredibly talented at the game. Even though he's just going on 12-years-old, he definitely shows that he will be a strong contender for the NBA when he's older. Although his dad is involved in his training, he does come from a very athletic family.

The whole world knows about his father's prowess on the basketball court, but his mom, Savannah James (nee Brinson), also enjoyed softball at high school. Bryce also played soccer, but the Famous People website tells us he was not allowed to play ice hockey for fear of debilitating injury. However, it looks like the NBA beckons for young Bryce Maximus. Take a look at the videos below to see the talent this young boy already displays.


NBA star LeBron James encourages Bryce Maximus

On Instagram this week, LeBron James shared a video of Bryce Maximus playing basketball. He encouraged his son by saying, "Keep going son!"


Bryce Maximus is the best King family shooter says LeBron news reported that Lebron thinks his son is a better shooter than he is. Take a look at this video footage from September last year to see why.

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