6 world’s most strange looking birds, including the Magnificent Frigatebird

Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds In The World. (Image Credit: Jennifer William / Flickr)
Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds In The World. (Image Credit: Jennifer William / Flickr)

These extraordinary birds have distinctive features which make them look weird and unusual.

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There are tens of thousands of bird species in existence known for their beautiful looks and sweet songs. However, some are scary, strange, and unusual. Here are five bizarre Birds that could give you a nightmare.


The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is a medium-sized bird of the tyrant flycatcher family, with a unique ornate crest of different shades of red. Interestingly, the long fan-shaped crest gives the flycatcher a distinctive appearance when its head is raised. These small uncommon birds feed basically on insects and are widespread in North and South America of the Andes where there are humid and decisions lowland forests suitable for its inhabitation.


Fearsome Hoatzin

Hoatzin also known as Flying Cow, is a fearsome bird with a loose crest, red eyes, and bright blue facial skin. They are widespread in Central South America and primarily inhabit trees and shrubs along rivers and lakes. It has a multi-chambered stomach and basically feeds on yHoatzin, generally known as the flying cow is the only bird that feeds and survives by eating only leaves. One of its distinctive features is that it has claws on its wings. However, when it matures, it loses the claws.

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