6 bold predictions for the 2019 Conference Championships

The NFL's Conference Championship games are this weekend and it appears they will be a shootout. [Image source: TPS - YouTube]
The NFL's Conference Championship games are this weekend and it appears they will be a shootout. [Image source: TPS - YouTube]

This weekend is Conference Championship time for the NFL and promises to be good football.

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The divisional round of the NFL playoffs gave us plenty of exciting action. Fans can only imagine what the Conference Championships have in store as they fight for a trip to Super Bowl. Both games are scheduled for Sunday, and they happen to be the second meetings for all teams involved. If the previous meetings is any indication of what's to come, fans will be in for another exciting match.

The New Orleans Saints ended up giving the LA Rams their first loss, after Bress and company demolished the Rams defense and putting up 35 points in the first half, leading to a 45-35 victory. The game was a serious wake up call for Jared Goff and company. However, witnessing the Rams massive victory over the Dallas Cowboys, shows they are facing a revamped team.

In the AFC, the New England Patriots and KC Chiefs ended up combining for over 83 points during their first meeting in October. These two matches could end up being shootouts if the regular season is a sign of what's to come.


White records double-digit receptions again

While New England considers James White a running back, the Patriots love to use him as a wide receiver since that is when he's the most dangerous on the field. White has the power to turn a simple pass from Brady and turn it into a massive gain. White finished the season bringing in 15 of 17 passes thrown to him. This hints at all the scoring that could happen as the Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs. White always seems to elevate his game this time of year in the postseason.


Williams sees 25+ carries second week in a row

The Chiefs have managed to move on from Kareem Hunt and found success with Damien Williams. Williams ended up finding the end zone six times during the last four games of the season. During the divisional round against the Colts, Williams ended up rushing for 129 yards and scored a touchdown. This shows he has the strength and power to be the star running back on offense.

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