Twitter reacts to Doug Gottlieb's claim players should repay scholarships

Doug Gottlieb said some very dumb things. [Image via KH P/YouTube]
Doug Gottlieb said some very dumb things. [Image via KH P/YouTube]

Twitter was not impressed with Doug Gottlieb when he made the pronouncement that scholarships should be treated like loans.

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Blasting News

Twitter can certainly be an interesting place to have a discussion. Often times, the discussion takes a dark turn, especially when the comment that begins a discussion starts off with rather inflammatory comments. Such is the case with Doug Gottlieb who proclaimed that athletes should repay scholarships if they transfer. Twitter had some severe reactions to the "hot take."


Epic takedown followed

Gottlieb's comments drew a lot of criticism, but this response by a personality on the network Gottlieb used to work for was the best of the best.


The real costs

One Twitter user tried to explain that $100K would be a ridiculous sum of money.


Taking it to the extreme

One user played the hypothetical game in order to point out why the analyst's comments were silly.

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