Jon Gosselin, who was estranged from his eight children, has much to celebrate this holiday season. His relationship with his daughter Hannah, 14, and son Collin, also 14, seems to be steadily flourishing. The teens are two of the sextuplets Jon shares with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. The former couple also has twins Mady and Cara, who are now 18.

Past to the present custody petition for Collin

Earlier this year, Hannah moved in with her father after a custody dispute with Kate over their daughter. Kate reportedly submitted legal documents too late for the court to reverse its own decision, determining that Hannah should be in her dad’s custody.

The ex-couple’s son Collin was sent away from his family in 2016 to live at an around-the-clock residential facility. Kate made certain that media outlets knew that her son allegedly has issues or special needs. In making the public proclamation, she also violated Collin’s privacy. (What teen wants the world to know their personal business – if it is even accurate?)

Father’s Instagram followers cheering for him

Jon’s social media followers have been rooting for him and continually encouraged him to seek custody of Collin once it was known that Hannah was living with him. Well, Jon is doing just that; he filed the necessary court documents on October 24 in his effort to attain custody of his son.

Holiday outing with teens

The most recent visit that Jon shared with Collin, and also his social media followers, seemed to be a happy holiday outing that also included Hannah and Colleen Conrad, his girlfriend, as well as her children named Jordan and Jesse. The group is all smiles in the photo that Jon posted on his Instagram account on November 25, according to Pop Culture.

Celebrity Insider also reported about Jon’s outing with his children and with Colleen’s kids. “The man is ready for the holidays” was the opening sentence in the publication’s report on November 28. Jon captioned the photo, "Found our tree, let the holidays begin!!!!!"

Court proceeding involving a minor

Everyone seems to be pulling for the court to do the right thing by Collin, despite the contentious nature of the divorce and past custody issues between the parents.

The Gosselins’ past custody feud fueling ample headlines.

Considering the delay in media learning that Hannah was actually living with her father and that he, in fact, had custody while Kate was telling media that she did, may be a sign that the court will rule in a manner that reflects the sensitive nature of proceedings involving a minor.

Let nothing dampen holiday cheer

For Jon, his social media followers are hopeful that nothing will dampen his holiday cheer and that he will have Collin living with him before the end of the year. Jon seems to realize that people genuinely care about all of his children and has not exploited either Hannah or Collin with the images he shares or his comments.

He has quelled people genuinely asking about his son – where he was, how he was doing, and when he might resume living with family.

With the end of the family’s reality show on TLC, Jon’s fans and fans and Instagram followers are happy to see the joyful expressions on his children’s faces. May they have a great holiday season!

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