Memorable musical movies through the years

Movies that use music and song to narrate the story have a special charm and viewers never forget those songs.


'An American in Paris'

This movie from 1951 stars Gene Kelly and it won six Academy awards in 1952 including that of best picture. It has a 17-minute ballet sequence that makes it unique. An "American in Paris" is a movie by Vincente Minnelli and in the ballet sequence, Kelly and costar Leslie Caron dance through Paris cityscapes to music by George Gershwin.


'South Pacific'

It is difficult to imagine a musical against the backdrop of World War II but South Pacific of 1958 is just that. The legendary team of Rodgers and Hammerstein created the movie. It became a hit with its songs set against the breathtaking views of the South Pacific and enthralled viewers.


'My Fair Lady'

Audrey Hepburn in the role of Eliza Doolittle made this musical from 1964 a must-see movie of the time. Its director was George Cukor and he made this adaptation of the classic Broadway musical into another memorable movie musical with Rex Harrison in the role of Prof. Henry Higgins. The story is about the transformation of a lower class girl into an upper class woman.


'Mary Poppins'

Like most musical movies, this one from 1964 is about a woman. She is a nanny portrayed by none other than Julie Andrews. Robert Stevenson directs Mary Poppins and it won 5 Academy awards including that for the best actress in a leading role. As a nanny, Julie has to take care of the kids and she does it in her own way.


'The Sound Of Music'

This is another musical movie from 1965 starring Julie Andrews. It is a Rodgers & Hammerstein production and directed by Robert Wise who did it beautifully. The story is against the background of WWII in Nazi-controlled Austria where Maria (portrayed by Julie) has to take care of a bunch of kids of various ages in a family. The songs will remain all-time greats.

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