Top 5 NBA assists leaders in the league right now

These five players are all giving a helping hand to their NBA teammates.


Kyle Lowry - Toronto Raptors

No player in the league is currently showing more generosity than All-Star Kyle Lowry. Now that Kawhi Leonard is the second star on the roster, Lowry has become the top assist man in the league. He's been averaging a double-double, and is the only one in the league with double-digit assists per game, right now.


Chris Paul - Houston Rockets

CP3 has led the league in assists before, so it's no surprise he's near the top of this year's list. Paul is recording 9.3 per game, as he and the Houston Rockets try to climb back toward contender status in the Western Conference.


Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

Westbrook averaged a triple-double in his NBA MVP season, two years ago. Now, he's back at it, but slightly lower on the leaderboard. Russ is dishing out 8.9 assists per game, which has him ranked just slightly above the No. 4 player.

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