Nearly six months have passed since former Bravo star Thomas Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting the nanny (known in media as Dawn) he employed to care for his two young children, Kensie and Saint. A judge scheduled his preliminary hearing for November 5, OK! Magazine reported.

Ravenel, or TRav, as he was known to friends on the show, was not charged with sexual assault, as Dawn alleged. The criminal complaint is for assault and battery. The hearing will enable a judge to decide whether there is ample evidence for the ex-reality star to go to trial.

Ravenel denies the nanny’s claims

TRav has categorically denied the former nanny’s claims. The overwhelming majority of Ravenel’s former cast mates have not addressed his arrest or anything related to the pending case. Ashley Jacobs, his sometimes girlfriend, however, is standing by him.

Southern Charm” fans and social media followers might remember having seen the nanny on an episode of the reality show. While victims of sex crimes are generally shielded from public identification, Nanny Dawn explained that she wanted both her first name and her profession relayed, People reported.

Ex-star’s attorney asserted ‘fame’ made client vulnerable

According to Ravenel’s now-deceased attorney, Richard P.

Terbrusch, his client is a vulnerable and a prime target for accusations with his visibility and profile in the mainstream because of his “degree of fame.” Unfortunately, and tragically, Terbrusch died while aboard a twin-engine Piper that was flying him and his girlfriend from Connecticut to Charleston, South Carolina, in October.

Lawyer died in plane crash

The National Transportation Safety Board found that the plane had some type of catastrophic problem, causing the plane to break apart in-flight.

Terbrusch, his girlfriend, and the pilot died when the plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in 20 feet of water.

Former girlfriend focused on children and business

As with Ravenel’s former co-stars, his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis has not made any public statements about Ravenel’s legal situation. Instead, she is focused on the former couple’s children, as well as business endeavors that she is actively pursuing, such as a children’s furniture line.

The Bravo network shared word following Ravenel’s arrest on September 25 that the former “Southern Charm” star will not be including in taping for the upcoming season of the show.

Ravenel’s stance is that he quit the reality show, but was not fired. Either way, he will not be featured in footage when the show resumes broadcasting.

Controversy follows one-time Bravo cast member

Controversy and legal conflict are not new to the ex-star. Ravenel fell from grace while he was the State Treasurer for South Carolina in 2006. He pleaded guilty to cocaine distribution in 2007, as ABC News 4 reported. He resigned from office, as well as served time in prison.

His preliminary hearing will establish if there is enough evidence for a judge to determine whether the case will go to trial. A great deal is riding on the outcome in court for Ravenel.

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