Richard P. Terbrusch, 53, was former Bravo reality star Thomas Ravenel’s attorney. Terbrusch died on October 13 in a fatal airplane crash. He was one of two passengers on a Piper PA-34-200T that impacted the Atlantic Ocean. Also, on-board was Terbrusch’s girlfriend, Jennifer Landrum, who was 45. The pilot was Munidat “Raj” Persaud, 41, the Post and Courier reported.

Mid-air ‘breakup’ of Piper led to fatal crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the plane had a catastrophic “in-flight breakup” at roughly 11 AM, before the craft impacted the ocean off Long Island, New York, according to the Post.

The twin-engine plane crashed into approximately 20 feet of water, News2 (Charleston, South Carolina) noted. The plane crashed during bad weather, according to the Somers Daily Voice.

Attorney, polo player enjoyed time with friends

In addition to representing Ravenel, the former “Southern Charm” cast member, the Connecticut Law Tribune stated that Terbrusch very much enjoyed the time he spent with his friends. He was in the process of a divorce from Susan Terbrusch, who was his wife at the time of his death, explaining why it was okay for him to have a girlfriend for the last six months.

Before his death, Terbrusch was most recognized for his famous client, Thomas Ravenel. Ravenel is accused of assault and battery involving a nanny he employed to care for his two small children shared with his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis.

The Daily Voice reported that Terbrusch’s law practice was located in Danbury, Connecticut. His expertise was divorce and family.

While some news outlets describe Terbrusch as a polo enthusiast, he was a “nationally ranked amateur polo player,” the Daily Voice pointed out.

He and his girlfriend were en route from Connecticut to Charleston, South Carolina, when the plane went down.

Susan, felt ‘numb’ after learning of lawyer’s death

“Numb” was how Susan Terbrusch, his estranged wife, described the feeling after the crash, People reported. She also stated that he was a “great guy,” adding that contributed a lot of work to “charities and for the community.” In addition to Susan, he is survived by the former couple’s son, according to the Daily Voice. His girlfriend, a special education teacher, is survived by her mother, Carol Ann Landrum, 75, and two adult children.

Pilot was no novice

Persaud, the pilot, was once an “airline flight engineer,” the Daily Voice pointed out.

He had “several thousand hours” of flight experience from when he was a bush pilot in the past and made flights in South America. Danbury Flight Training was also owner-run by Persaud.

Ravenel reportedly felt ‘shock’

After the death of his attorney, Ravenel was reportedly “in shock,” based on a report by Ok! Magazine. In the midst of Ravenel’s legal problems involving women accusers, Terbrusch stated to People that his client was “vulnerable” to claims related to his “degree of fame.”

Trusted legal confidante to miss hearing

Ravenel will now have to face his preliminary hearing on November 5 without his trusted lawyer.

The hearing will be a major make-or-break time for the former television star, with the outcome signaling whether he will stand trial.

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