A one-time romantic interest of ex-Bravo reality star Thomas Ravenel is confident that he is a “good person,” according to Celebrity Insider. Landon Clements, who formerly starred on “Southern Charm,” said that she finds it difficult to believe that he could “hurt anyone,” US Weekly reported. She took it a step further in stating, “I can’t imagine that he would ever hurt anyone.”

Clements uncomfortable discussing active legal problem

Clements opened up somewhat to US Weekly while attending the UNICEF Masquerade Ball, Reality Tea reported, but did not feel comfortable commenting about Ravenel’s situation since it is an “ongoing” legal process.

She seems more at ease with the court addressing the criminal accusations made against him. She does not have contact with the former object of her affection, Ravenel, yet does communicate with others from the show, such as Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith.

‘Fame’ to blame for accusations

Cameron Blazer is the criminal defense lawyer representing Ravenel at his preliminary hearing on November 5. His previous attorney, Richard P. Terbrusch, died in a plane crash in October. Before his death, Terbrusch pointed out to the media that his client is susceptible to accusations because of the level of fame he achieved.

Prelim centering on alleged assault and battery

Ravenel is facing criminal allegations of assault and battery against a nanny he employed to care for his daughter Kensie and his son Saint.

The nanny, Dawn (as she is known in news reports) contends that he assaulted her in his home. The former Bravo star was arrested on September 25.

The preliminary hearing will enable the judge to rule on whether there is enough evidence for the case against Ravenel to go to trial. A lot is riding on the outcome on November 5.

Ravenel’s women defenders have past romantic ties with him

In addition to Clements, Ravenel’s sometimes girlfriend Ashley Jacobs is the only other former “Southern Charm” star who has defended him. His ex-girlfriend and mother of his two small children, Kathryn Dennis, has not offered a statement publicly about his ongoing legal problems.

Mother of his children puts their interest first

Dennis has been concentrating on the former couple’s children and business ventures. Because Ravenel is their father, she is protective of their children, who will likely use the internet one day, as well as search engines. It only makes sense that she does not want what she might say currently to hurt them in the future.

Only days before his arrest, in September, Ravenel went on a Twitter tirade, unleashing vitriol about Dennis, Jacobs, and Craig Conover. Maybe his rant was an indicator that he suspected or was told that his arrest was imminent. While some people might have treated his arrest and an opportunity to fire back after being attacked online, Dennis took the high road and remained focused on what is best for her children.

Court is not new for ex-star

While most people do not relish the thought of a court appearance, the setting is a familiar one for Ravenel. While he was the State Treasurer for South Carolina in 2006, he faced drug charges. He pleaded guilty in 2007 and resigned from office. He has also done a stint in prison.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 AM EST, FITSNews reported. In addition to his lawyer being present, so will the nanny’s lawyer, Ryan C. Andrews. She obtained legal counsel after a detective asked her whether she was making the claim against Ravenel in an effort to secure a role on “Southern Charm.”

Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates about Thomas Ravenel’s case and for the latest information. In additional legal news, El Chapo's trial start date coincides on the same day as Thomas Ravenel's preliminary hearing. Both fall on November 5.