Grading Nebraska’s loss at Ohio State, why the future is bright in Lincoln

The Huskers put up a fight Saturday (November 3) in Columbus, but fell short in the end.


Offense - B-

Martinez was good, but not great. A few miscues cost the Huskers points, but remember folks, he is a freshman. He is going to be a beast in two years! The first drive was great, but Martinez did make freshman mistakes - especially the pass he tossed backward in the red zone that cost the Huskers points.


Defense - C-

Against the pass, the young Huskers were better than average, but the run defense was the Achilles heal. JoJo Domann caused a fumble that helped Nebraska stay in this game, but giving up huge chunks of yards on the ground proved to be fatal.


Special Teams - D-

From Caleb Lightbourn whiffing on his first kickoff try, to having Keandre Jones waltz into the backfield like he knew the play count to block a punt, the special teams was a disaster Saturday afternoon.

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