Twitter reacts to reports LeBron James gives his kids wine

LeBron James said his sons drink wine with him and social media exploded.


The offending tweet

Social media went crazy on Tuesday night (October 9), when it was reported that LeBron James allows his young children to have a glass of wine with him. While countless families around the world do the same, Twitter had some very interesting reactions to the news.


Doing some lines

There were, of course, the jokers that took the idea of their kids having a drink and ran with it, to very funny results.


Calling the authorities

There was a Twitter user that decided Child Services needed to be called in. The only problem is that "Jack" didn't check to see if he was linking the right people. It turns out that particular Twitter handle is the Fake Child Services, which promises to eat your children.


Very punny

This tweet comes very close to winning the internet. For those not familiar with GOAT, it stands for greatest of all time. It's something debates about LeBron have been raging about for years.


Settle down Francis

Then there were the people who didn't really believe this was much of a story at all, and that the people who ran it to begin with just didn't understand.

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