Things we learned in Arrow Season 7 trailer, new Batwoman pic

A batch of new CW developments arrived thanks to a new trailer and Batwoman image.


Oliver is fighting for his survival

The new Season 7 trailer shows us that Oliver is still dealing with his time in prison. While the title hero doesn't want violence, it appears he will have no choice if he wants to survive.


New villains are introduced

The Longbow Hunters will make their debut in "Arrow" Season 7. This will be a new band of villains trying to take over the city, behind Ricardo Diaz. Oliver's team must try to fend them off.


A new Green Arrow is fighting for the city

In the new trailer, viewers see something rather mysterious. While Oliver is clearly in prison, there is someone wearing the Green Arrow costume out and about. They seem to be agile and adept at fighting crime. However, Oliver's team may need to offer some assistance to defend against the new batch of villains.

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