Twitter reacts to Luke Cage getting canceled

Luke Cage fans were vocal on Twitter. - [Marvel / YouTube screencap]
Luke Cage fans were vocal on Twitter. - [Marvel / YouTube screencap]

'Luke Cage' has been relatively popular on Netflix but it had its plug pulled on it this week.

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"Luke Cage" was the latest superhero show on Netflix to get the ax. Check out how Twitter reacted to the news.


The Dab was the deathnell

When the character did a move on the show that many people find annoying, some believe it was the beginning of the end.


Superheros going on one service?

Some think the cancellation of "Luke Cage," on Netflix, just means the show is going to end up on Disney Play.


Some saw it coming

"Luke Cage" was indeed the second superhero show to get canceled this week and there were some who thought it was coming for a while now.

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