Top 10 Halloween costume trends for adults in 2018

With 24 days left until Halloween arrives, it is time to grab that perfect costume.


Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, Trump’s Tweets and outspokenness on many subjects make him one of the most polarizing figures in the world - and it puts him atop Halloween favorites for kids and adults alike.


Michael Myers

What is Halloween without the craziest killer of all? With the new Halloween movie hitting theaters soon, Michael Myers is as popular as ever!


Black Panther

The mega hit movie has thrust the Marvel super hero into the top list of costumes in 2018. Black Panther costumes are getting hard to find already!


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman never goes out of style. The queen of superheroes is once again popular with girls from 5 to 95, and don't look for that to change anytime soon.


Tonya Harding

The figure skating hero turned villain is back to being a hero - sort of. Either way, her popularity has skyrocketed following “I, Tonya.”


1920's Flapper

What is old is new again. The 1920's flappers were considered to be brazen for their time. Short dresses, high heels and plenty of leg! They are back in style this Halloween in a big way.


Pennywise It

Big in the 90's, Pennywise made a comeback in 2017 and is still big with Halloween fans in 2018.


Fortnite characters

Halloween always follows trends, and this year any character from the hit game "Fortnite" is in! Adults can't miss!


Barack Obama

Barack still has a loyal following, even on Halloween!

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Not all heroes wear capes—but some do.

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Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad fame is always a hit at Halloween. All it takes is one look to know why!

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