Life with children may be difficult at times, but add a husband with full-board symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), and young children, life takes on a much more serious tone. “Teen Mom OG” may never be what it once was with occasional star drama.

For Bristol Palin, her husband Dakota Meyer, and their children, “Teen Mom OG” is deeper than a storyline this season. The realities are relatable for many families that include a war veteran spouse and parent with children, endeavoring toward what is best for everyone, most especially the children.

MTV breathed new life into Teen Mom

“Teen Mom OG” appears to have breathed new life into the MTV “Teen Mom” branded franchise, which, as Jenelle Evans aptly noted recently, was actually becoming more boring. Just because Jenelle’s controversial husband, David Eason, is not on any MTV show, however, is not the ingredient that was missing. Reality seemed to be running thin, as well as appearing as if the “Teen Mom” programs should be nearing the end of their run.

Bristol brings substance to reality show

Cast members on the “Teen Mom” shows have grown up in age, though some still lack maturity and draw on antics that viewers might expect of teens, but not women nearing their 30s. Reality television could benefit more from the Bristol Palin type of storylines – with drama inherent in the story, not antics that play out on social media, transferring to possible increased ratings due to hype and curiosity.

In a word, substance is what makes for compelling reality television.

Bristol’s story hits home for many people. It’s raw and draws people who welcome truthfulness back into programs that bill themselves “reality television.” A young family, small child, and trying to make a marriage work that just is not going the direction the couple wanted, creates an organic flow, which is a most unfortunate, but accurate depiction.

Star felt ‘nervous’ returning home to husband

On the most recent episode of “Teen Mom OG,” which aired October 15, Bristol visited her younger sister, Piper Palin. Bristol tells Piper that she feels “nervous” about going back to the home that she shares with Dakota Meyer, her husband. She relayed feeling as if she had “major anxiety” about going back to Austin, Texas, according to Newsweek.

Cast member wanted to avoid drama

Bristol liked how she felt to just wanting to “rip off the Band-Aid and get it over with,” speaking of her marriage. Though she also hoped to avoid drama, she went home only to find that her husband took “her belongings out of their bedroom, Newsweek also reported.

No hint of couple reconciling

The most recent arrivals on MTV, Bristol and Dakota, have two daughters, Sailor and Atlee Bay.

Bristol also has a son Tripp, 9, with long-ago, former fiancé Levi Johnston. The parents are “done for good,” Romper reported. Additionally, there has not been any hint of reconciliation between the former couple.

MTV made a huge leap forward when it liberated its broadcast from featuring former star Farrah Abraham and the questionable choices involving her minor-aged daughter, Sophia. Children’s Protective Services is no longer a constant in viewers’ minds. Bristol enhances, not distracts from the show. Possibly, a regret that MTV might have is that it did not make the move sooner.

In other recent "Teen Mom" news, Janelle Evans had to undergo emergency surgery only a few days following her son Kaiser's Adenoidectomy. Jenelle and Kaiser are on the mend.

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