10 food and drink items that are not vegan

You need to know these food items if you are a vegan or starting out to be a vegan.

Veganism has been on the rise with popular documentaries such as Netflix’s “What The Health” changing the way people see food and switching over to a plant-based diet.

But most vegans aren’t aware that the food and drink items that they are ingesting are not considered vegan at all. The animal-based ingredients they have in these food and drink items may shock you.

So if you are vegan or planning to become a vegan, you may want to read this as there are ten foods and drink items that are not vegan.


Wine and Beer

Believe it or not, not all wines and beer are vegan. You think it would be since the main ingredient of wine is grapes, but I was surprised when an ingredient called isinglass (which is fish bladder protein) is widely used as part of the process to make wine and beer. Other animal ingredients are egg whites and gelatin.


Orange Juice

This was another shocker for because when you buy a jug of orange juice, you would think that the ingredients of orange juice are oranges. Well, the truth now comes out that orange juice has not one but three ingredients that are derived from animals which are fish oil, lanolin (an ingredient found in sheep’s wool) and gelatin. (this consists of animal bone and cartilage)


Red Foods/Candy

Any food with red food coloring such as candy and drinks you should skip out because the red food coloring consists of an ingredient called carmine which actually comes from beetles. So if you pick up a bag of candy and if one of the ingredients is red dye 40, you are better off putting it back on the shelf.


Vegetable Soup

Not all vegetable soups are vegan. Most soups are made with chicken, beef, pork and/or seafood broth. Even some miso soups are served with fish broth so it’s best to ask your server the type of broth they are using before ordering or check out this vegan vegetable soup recipe.


Bread May Not Always Be Vegan

Not all bread is vegan. While the main ingredients of bread consist of yeast, water, flour and salt, some bakeries do use animal product ingredients such as egg, milk and butter. What’s even more surprising is that some breads may contain L-cysteine which is an amino acid most commonly derived from human, duck or hog hair.


Honey Is Not Vegan

For the longest time, I used to think honey was vegan but I tend to forget that honey comes from bees. Honey is not vegan at all even though this is pretty controversial among the vegan community since some vegans still choose to eat honey. An article from the Vegan Society about honey will give you a good reason as to why it’s not considered vegan.


Pesto Sauce

The main ingredients of pesto sauce are basil, garlic, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese contains rennet which is taken from the stomach lining of mammals, so it’s definitely not vegan.


French Fries or Deep Fried Veggies

When it comes to french fries or deep-fried veggies, it’s not always vegan. Even though the main ingredients is vegetables, restaurants and/or fast food places may use lard to deep fry them which is made of pig fat. Also, fries and/or deep-fried vegetables could be fried in oil that has been used to deep fry meat such as chicken which causes cross-contamination of animal products.


Refined Sugar

Yes, even refined process sugar is made of bone char which is animal bone. The bone char is what makes the sugar white during the manufacturing process.


Veggie Burgers

Before you bite into that delicious veggie burger, it is best to check the ingredients. Some veggie burgers may include animal-based ingredients such as eggs and/or dairy. Checking the ingredients before buying that box of veggie burgers is the safest thing to do.

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