Nebraska Football: 5 things we learned from Monday's press conference

In the October 22 press conference after Nebraska football's first win we learned a few things about how they'll approach this week.

The Nebraska football team held its first Monday press conference under Scott Frost following a win. Check out what we learned from the first press conference of the week when the team finally wasn't talking about how to bounce back from a loss.


Getting rest where they can

Since the Nebraska football team has to give up its bye week, Frost and company gave the team Monday off. The head coach said he didn't love the idea of taking Monday off, but thought it would be good for the squad to get a bit of rest.


The offense isn't all about running and catching in order to look like it should

During the press conference on Monday, Frost talked about how the offense finally looked like it should. That doesn't just mean the team was running and passing well. It also means the team was blocking well. Mike Williams, especially was pointed out as making some serious strides in the blocking department.


Ozigbo gets Heisman level praise

Scott Frost has loved what he's seen out of Devine Ozigbo this season. On Monday, he doubled down on that praise, saying that he thinks Ozigbo is as good as former Oregon running back Royce Freeman. That's Heisman trophy candidate Royce Freeman, who rushed for over 5,000 yards in his Oregon career and had 60 touchdowns.


The offensive line is getting better

While there were still some problems with the line, every now and then (including an unsportsmanlike penalty for Brendan Jaimes), Frost said on Monday, that he thought the unit played its best game of the season. Considering the Nebraska football team amassed almost 700 yards of offense, it's hard to argue with that.


The monkey is off the Huskers back

Tre Neal was one of the first to talk about it, but every player that came to the mic on Monday agreed. Scott Frost was more than a little relieved after the win. So was the team in general. It's going to be interesting to see if the team plays a bit looser now that the win is out of the way.

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