5 things to know about Minecraft: Dungeons

The all new action game brings choices like single or multi-play and looks to be funny and quirky.


MInecraft Dungeons will still have the blocky style

The style that was unveiled in the reveal trailer looks quite a bit like what people have been seeing in games like Minecraft:Storymode, as well as in the regular old Minecraft. That art style will be on full display in this new title.


There will be numerous maps to play through

In the reveal, it was told that in "Minecraft: Dungeons" there would be a number of different areas to play through. This includes a desert setting, a swamp and of course, a number of mines.


It's single player or multi-player

The game is going to be one that you can sit down and play by yourself, or you can sit down with friends and go to town. Up to four players can get into one game.


Started out small, could be big

Mojang is one of those companies that loves to put together passion projects. This was apparently started by a small team and looks like it could explode.


You can get your hands on it next year

The game is going to be coming to PC in 2019. An exact date isn't known. What is a bit surprising is that at the moment, it is only planned for the PC.

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