Bitcoin mining games are played to learn how to create bitcoin, a digital asset used as currency to receive and accept payments digitally. Though bitcoin is now accepted by many as a means of payment, not everyone has any knowledge as to how it is created. The process of creating bitcoin is called mining, some say it is similar to gold mining. Learning to mine bitcoin may be difficult but an easy way to understand the mining process is by playing some simple games. Gaming is interesting, not only for entertainment purposes but as a way of learning new things.

People learn faster when they practice than when they learn in theory, gaming offers you the opportunity to learn anything in a simpler way. So if you are interested in bitcoin mining and don't know how to start, these games are for you, play, learn and earn free bitcoin.

1. Crypto Idle Mine

This stimulating mining game is free and you can even earn free cryptos without any investment. Though still in beta, this thrilling video game will take you on a ride to explore the world of digital currency, how blockchain works and everything you need to know about crypto mining. So many people are confused about everything crypto but this video game has been designed to excite you while you learn. You might have heard how profitable it is to invest in digital currency; yes it is, but you need to learn how everything works.

This mining game was designed to give you a real-life experience of the blockchain and teach you how to make smart investments. It has a combination of arts and graphics to stir your interest and make you enjoy playing.

2. Bitcoin mine

Digital currency is making waves globally and blockchain technology is changing the face of business by impacting key industries, positively.

Are you left out in this new wave? No stress, as the makers of this bitcoin mining thought it out and decided to come up with the most captivating mining game. It is a crypto economic mmog, made to teach you mining in the most thrilling way. This game is free to play. All you need is to open the mining caves and start collecting coins.

You can increase your earnings by boosting your caves. The jewelry store is open for you to shop, get more power and earn more.

3. Roller Coin

This is a very interesting online virtual bitcoin mining game, which allows competing with your friends. Test your skill, complete a mission, undertake some tasks while playing to win your friends and earn bitcoin. This game teaches you how to mine in a relaxed manner without the rigors of the advanced blockchain processing algorithm. Simple and free to play, you just need to sign up, log in to customize your character and then you are ready to play and win free bitcoins. You can develop and boost your mining power as you compete with friends.

4. Crazy Games

Test your skill at becoming a successful bitcoin miner with this stimulating crazy game, released in April 2018, and developed by BTCGamer. All you need do is purchase your first bitcoin with a gift coin, set up your mining rig and start mining and earning bitcoin. Purchase a new right with the money earned and upgrade your hardware, to increase your mining ability. Ensure your electricity bill does not run higher than your income. If this happens, you will lose your income, so to make sure it doesn't happen, you need to create a balance between your income and your cost. Your target in this game should be to run a successful mining, by earning money and buying more rigs to generate more income.