Climate change is a sensitive issue and there are people who are unable to realize the fact that arresting global warming is necessary to ensure a world fit for survival. This has been highlighted by an international team of scientists who have coined a new terminology - ‘Hothouse Earth’ - to send out a clear-cut message. They have warned that unless global warming is arrested, large portions of the planet could become unfit for living with sea level rises that could touch nearly 200ft.

New Zealand Herald reports that lead author Professor Will Steffen of the Stockholm Resilience Centre has said: “Earth was reaching a tipping point where it would be impossible to control devastating climate change.” In his opinion, emission of greenhouse gas is not the only criterion.

There are other factors that must be addressed.

New findings on global warming

The 2015 Paris climate agreement set certain targets to cap global warming at 2C. Scientists have carried out a fresh review and have revealed that, in spite of meeting the targets, the cascading effect of global warming will remain. It will result in a reduction of ice in the Arctic sea and deforestation of rainforests because of many other factors that will change the total scenario.

Co-author Johan Rockström has labeled these as “tipping elements.” In his opinion, these will behave like “dominoes” and the Earth will suffer because some places could become unsuitable for living in because of ‘Hothouse Earth.’ Similar sentiments are voiced by climate researcher Dr. Phil Williamson. In his opinion, this is not a false alarm.

One way to eliminate the menace of greenhouse gas emission is to go in for a two-pronged attack. Reduce the generation of carbon dioxide and increase the green cover by planting more trees.

We cannot ignore climate change

According to BBC, the forests, oceans, and land absorb large quantities of carbon that would have been dissipated into the atmosphere.

That would have led to increasing temperatures. However, these dormant sources of carbon can aggravate climate change. The permafrost in northern latitudes and the Amazon rainforest hold immense quantities of warming gases. When temperatures rise, these will release the excess carbon dioxide which will add to our problems.

Back in 2015, a decision was taken by the governments of the world to keep temperature rises to below 2 degrees. However, a recent study has revealed that such a figure may require to be revised. Global warming must be given due importance at all levels if the world is to survive, otherwise ‘Hothouse Earth’ could threaten our existence.