President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, and as expected made comments that turned heads. In response, MSNBC host Joy Reid didn't hold back her thoughts on social media.

Reid on Trump

It's no surprise that Donald Trump has once again found himself in the headlines over remarks he made representing the United States. Trump's controversial rhetoric was seen early on during the 2016 presidential election, starting with labeling illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers" during his campaign announcement.

In the two years that have followed, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been a prime target for the majority of the mainstream media and his critics, which was on display during his first ever appearance at the United Nations General Assembly. During his speech, Trump called out Kim Jong-un as "Rocket Man," claiming the North Korean leader was on a "suicide mission." Not stopping there, Trump announced that the United States was prepared to "totally destroy North Korea." Trump went on to make even more controversial remarks, which were met with heavy backlash, including a lengthy response on Twitter by MSNBC host Joy Reid on September 19.

Taking to her Twitter account Tuesday morning, "A.M.

Joy" host Joy Reid gave her thoughts in response to the speech given to the United Nations by Donald Trump. "Listening back to Trump's UN speech and I'm even more horrified than before," Reid tweeted, before adding, "Trump opened the speech talking about -- what else -- his election, and bragging about economic stats that have nothing to do with him."

"He has said 'sovereign' about a dozen times, praised Russia, and used juvenile phrases like "Rocket Man" and "loser terrorists,'" Joy Reid continued.

"He trashed the Iran deal, and tried to pass off refusing admittance to refugees as 'compassion.'" This entire speech is embarrassing," she went on to write. "As I'm listening I'm thinking 'oh my god, this reality show, tabloid character is standing before the entire world as the U.S. president,'" Reid added.

Reid's double down

"My question after Trump's U.N. speech is have Americans been acclimated to a reality show president, or can we ever go back to a statesman?" Joy Reid asked, while later stating, "Oh my god, Trump keeps waiting for applause after his 'zinger lines." Someone please send vodka!'

Moving forward, the MSNBC host summed up Donald Trump's remarks tweeting, "Trump's speeches: poorly written, poorly read.

Then again maybe for some that's his appeal. He doesn't sound like president's usually do." As Joy Reid continued to hit back at the commander in chief, Trump's speech went viral across social media, which the consensus being mostly negative among those who decided to comment.