Forbes presents an annual list of the highest paid Celebrities. Most of us cannot even imagine having the multi-million dollar level of income some stars earn. In checking out the list of celebs and their net worths, it is also fascinating to know that some stars have insured attributes, their money-making body parts, that have an estimated value worth more than their fans’ cost of housing. While audiences know their names and the talent that led to their fame, the same high-profile entertainers could suffer a huge economic blow if something unfortunate happened to a physical attribute that fans also recognize.

Making the top five list of celebrities who have the highest net worths are also the stars who have insurance policies on specific parts of their body that are worth more than most fans’ houses.

1. Taylor Swift’s net worth is $280 million

Singer and songwriter Taylor “Tay Tay” Swift sets the internet on fire each time a new release is dropped. The “Fearless” entertainer landed her top ranking when Forbes presented its Youngest of America’s Richest Self-Made Women list in 2018, Medical Matters denoted. Her net worth is reported at $280 million. Swift’s legs are insured for $40 million, MTV pointed out.

2. Rihanna’s take-home pay is $210 million

Pop star Rihanna, who was born in St. Michaels Parish, Barbados, is as versed in music as she is in fashion and cosmetics, Fenty Beauty.

The Grammy Award winning singer took home approximately $210 million in 2018, Forbes reported (on July 16).

The Gillette Corporation insured Riri’s legs in 2007 for $1 million, Toku noted.

Rhianna told The Guardian that it was true, though she did not think she was “special.” While the celeb sees herself “like everyone else,” Gillette dubbed her as having the “Legs of a Goddess.”

3. Cristiano Ronaldo is all legs with soccer earnings

The 33-year-old Portuguese champion soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has a sweet three-year contract with Real Madrid, which has been rumored to be after Neymar.

By the time he is 36, Ronaldo will have banked $50 million from the deal, Forbes reported. In addition to the earnings he garners from professional soccer, he will also take roughly $1 billion to the bank, thanks to his lifetime contract with Nike.

According to Forbes, Ronaldo is worth $108 million. Since his professional endeavors feature the use of his legs, he has a $144 million dollar insurance policy on both legs, Obsev pointed out.

4. Daniel Craig allegedly has body insurance

Actor Daniel Craig is a high-earning celebrity, raking in $95 million, according to Medical Matters. Craig, who starred as James Bond, reportedly did his own stunts for the 2006 mystery-thriller movie “Casino Royale.”

Craig also took on performing “several dangerous stunts” for the 2008 action-thriller “Quantum of Solace.” He could have relied on a stuntman, but since he did not, MSN and other media sources report that Craig’s body has been insured for an estimated $9.5 million.

The majority of apartments or houses in the US are nowhere near the value of the policy on Craig’s body.

5. Jennifer Lopez earned $47 million

Jennifer Lopez is famous for many reasons, and for her myriad of talents. She has starred as Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, as well as served as a judge on “American Idol.” She is also known for songs such as “On the Floor” and “Dinero.”

The former Fly Girl dancer from “In Living Color” has worked her derrière off to attain a net worth of $47 million. The physical asset that has gained J.Lo a lot of attention, including negative attention from Alex Rodriguez's ex-wife, from her fans is also reportedly insured for a whopping $27 million, Suggest wrote.