Donald Trump is a president full of surprises and today he proved, once again, that he never fails to amaze the masses with his ideas. In a surprise announcement Monday, Trump revealed that he has directed the U.S. Department of Defense to start working on a space force unit as the sixth branch of the military. The Verge reports that Trump wants this branch of the military to be "separate but equal."

Trump met with the National Space Council today and he directed both the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S.

Armed Forces, which he deemed the space force. This immediately lit up Twitter and became a top trending topic on the social media site within an hour of his announcement.

Many at home who were watching Trump announce his space force became worried, according to People. They are concerned that Trump started this buzz about a space force as nothing more than a diversion tactic to take the nation's mind off the problems plaguing immigration today. There was an abundance of references on Twitter today about the space force branch emerging as a ploy to keep folks off the topic of immigration.

People Magazine reports that many believe the space force is a way to "draw attention away from his administration’s contentious immigration policy, which continues to tear apart parents and children at the border."

While there were plenty of people on Twitter who are weighing in on Trump's new idea, his surprise announcement also gathered quite a few comments from people asking where the clean water is for Flint, Michigan, and when the power will be restored to Puerto Rico.

These dilemmas, along with other problems facing certain regions of this country, are prompting some folks to point out how the money they will use to build and maintain a space force could be better spent.

Cartoons were also created once the news got out, much like the one below that was posted on Twitter.

Twitter is where many people go to get the real news of the day, especially when it comes from Donald Trump who has used Twitter as part of his transparency as a president.

News about Trump doesn't get convoluted by bias when it comes from the president's own thoughts tweeted out to the nation.

The same goes for the thoughts of the people in this nation. You don't need a poll when you can pop open Twitter and read for yourself the pulse of the nation when it comes to the major topics today. On Monday that pulse seems to be beating against spending a ton of money on a space force. Not when the roads and bridges in this nation are in dire need of repair, along with the many other things that are in need of fixing.

The money for space force might be used in the war against drugs, the war against guns, or for getting affordable healthcare to everyone in the nation. These were just a few of the suggestions listed on Twitter after Trump's announcement surprised the masses.

A few of the quips on Twitter were borrowed from some of the more famous space movies and TV shows from the past. But they are twisted into jabs aimed at Trump's new arm of the military. "To boldly go where no scam has gone before!," writes one Twitter user. That is a motto heard on "Star Trek."

Another Twitter user summed up the administration with "Theresa May has launched a task force to conquer "fake news" and "Donald Trump has launched a Space Force to conquer the universe." There is no end to the critics on Twitter and some of their tweets are posted in this article.