The cannabis industry has blossomed into a large sector courtesy of industry leaders working hard to meet the growing demand for their products.

Now, because of the support from various countries and groups, the industry continues to evolve. The first to receive improvements in the industry are the companies behind the research and development of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products. First and foremost, they are able to work more freely in a fair and regulated industry as various governing bodies have begun reconsidering their stance on cannabis use.

Availability of liability insurance for cannabis businesses

Now that governing bodies in states like Washington and California have a better view on the plant, they are now also more willing to help out entrepreneurs venturing into the industry. The Daily Democrat notes that in California, insurance commissioner Dave Jones has expressed his willingness to make liability insurance easier to acquire for budding cannabis entrepreneurs. Jones has recently approved a program that will cover the liability insurance for dispensaries, manufacturers, storage facilities and more. Jones’ steps towards the protection of all those involved in the cannabis production chain are already gaining momentum, and this could indeed boost the performance of the sector in the California market.

The regulation and aid the industry is receiving from government agencies are also drawing in more people to the business of cannabis cultivation, says Forbes. This growing number of workers is essential as the demand for the plant continues to increase each year. Meeting that demand would mean having to increase production output for people.

Part of what keeps people interested in becoming a part of the booming sector is the huge money one can make from it. Specifically, the aforementioned Forbes article details just how much cannabis cultivators are making. In Canada, these jobs have annual salaries that range from $81,000 to $103,000. It is worth noting that the average gross salary in the said country is only $51,000.

To help support the growing market and to fill in the cultivation process, schools have launched programs centered on teaching cannabis farming. With these programs, the population of workers in the industry is expected to rise even more. Additionally, according to, the Cannabis Act in Canada is also expected to increase job opportunities by 150,000. There are already a few companies that are taking advantage of these improvements to help solidify their spot as the certified leaders of the industry. One of them is PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN).

Rising as a cannabis industry leader

POTN focuses itself on the research and development of CBD products. These products are distributed through its wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc.

As one of the top establishments in the CBD industry, POTN continues to improve itself in various ways, and it has a lot of achievements on its belt to present as proof.

As the top company when it comes to CBD products, POTN ensures its users that it is always willing to meet their demands. As such, the company is always looking to improve its selection of products by introducing new lines. Its most recent addition is Meds Biotech, which is a perfect fit for people who want to get more with CBD.

The company announced that Diamond CBD is experiencing great sales figures for the Meds Biotech line and that more orders are coming in, as reported by Business Insider. This particular line of CBD products targets the health-conscious individuals and looks towards gyms, clinics, and other wellness centers as outlets for distribution.

The Meds Biotech line includes CBD capsules that are infused with turmeric. Like CBD, turmeric is highly regarded for its numerous health benefits, which include antioxidant properties and lowered risks in brain diseases, among others.

Another company making its way into the CBD industry is Montreal-based Relevium Technologies Inc. Business Financial Post noted this week that they launched their LeefyLyfe and Biocannabix products. The "brands are part of their wholly owned Biocannabix Health Corporation."

These improvements are good for many reasons, but the most important one to keep in mind is that these will only help the cannabis industry improve even further. With companies, governing bodies and workers joining hand-in-hand, the future of the cannabis industry is already secure.