Father's Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This year it is on June 17. The day to honor fathers comes a month after Mother's Day that was celebrated on the second Sunday in May. There are at least seven types of fathers who will be honored.

1. The male parent

Most people know that a father is the male parent of a child just as a mother is the female parent. What people tend to overlook is that a father is a secondary parent. In most families, the mother spends more time with the children. However, fathers are beginning to stay home while the mothers work outside the home.

2. Biological father

A biological father is the male genetic contributor to the birth of a child through the physical union with his mother or through sperm donation. A biological father is legally responsible for supporting his child even if he is not married to the mother. If he doesn't, he is referred to as a "deadbeat dad."

3. Adoptive father

An adoptive father is a male who has become the child's parent through the legal process of adoption. That's the process where a person assumes the parenting duties of another. It is usually a child, but it could also be an adult. An adoptive father has permanent rights and is responsible for the one who has been adopted. The child also has legal rights, including inheritance from his adoptive father.

4. Stepfather

A stepfather is a man who married a child's mother. He is not related to the child, but he becomes part of the family unit. A stepfather cares for the child and has some responsibilities because he lives in the same house as the mother and child. According to the law, a stepfather usually does not have legal rights.

However, the stepfather and mother may have an understanding regarding responsibilities.

5. Putative father

A putative father is a man who is the biological father because of a past physical union with the child's mother. However, there is no obvious relationship between the child and his biological father. This situation usually exists when the parents are not married.

6. Father figure

A father figure is any male who takes on some of the duties and responsibilities of raising a child. It could be the child's relative, a family friend, or some other male who is serious about the care and well-being of the child. There are many men who are father figures to someone else's child.

7. Godfather

A godfather is a male chosen by parents to take on the responsibilities of raising their child as his own in the unfortunate event that something happens to them and they can no longer care for the child. The godfather acknowledges the child by giving gifts and doing things for the child on special occasions.