Alcohol is not the only way people can overindulge during special occasions. Eating too much and drinking an excess of soft drinks or other beverages can also wreak havoc on the body. If you deal with a holiday food hangover, there are ways to remedy your self of the effects. You can detox your body by remembering six important steps the next time you are celebrating.

This way you will decrease or even prevent feeling the aftershock of consuming an excess of food and beverages. Celebrations should be fun, but not to the point of wishing you had not partaken the morning after.

Just in case you fall short again, these suggestions should be of maximum benefit.

Detox your mind and your body will follow

The first thing to do after a big meal is to relax and think things through. Detox begins with the way that you are the mentally accessing the situation. Remember that special occasions are not your daily routine and it is OK to overindulge just a bit. You probably will not have eaten enough on this one day, or weekend to cause yourself an excessive amount of weight gain. The second step is not to give up and believe that all is lost.

The third tip is to cut back a little on meals but do not go throughout the entire day without eating. Try a light snack, or fruits and vegetables.

This way your digestive system will not be overloaded. You may want to begin with lemon water or tea, then soup or a salad.

Your body will thank you for taking things slow

The fourth step to cleansing your mind and body after overeating has s to skip the urge to get on the scales. It’s possible that you may have gained a pound or two, but it’s probably water weight.

Once you get moving, then the weight will quickly disappear. There is no point in psyching yourself out over a temporary situation, so don’t do it. Your body will thank you for thinking things through.

The fifth step to get over holiday binge eating is to stick to your normal exercise routine. It’s not wise to attempt anything extreme to get rid of bloat or the appearance of added weight.

By going back to your usual regimen, your body will have a sense of normalcy.

The dusty and final thing to do after too much food and drink on a special occasion is to keep track of the food you eat by counting calories. If you eat and drink too much on a given day or weekend, you can counter it by consuming a little less each day afterward until you believe you have a better handle on the situation.