The people you choose to spend your time with will typically influence your well-being. They are the sum total of who we are. They influence our personality and the decisions we make throughout our lives. Our real friends are the ones that will stay by our side through thick and thin regardless of the circumstances and hardships we encounter throughout our lives. Though, of course, not everyone that we come across will be this way.

Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives

We typically spend most of our time with the people that make us feel our best, but one of the unfortunate things about life is that there will always be people that we come across that will find their way against you.

Throughout our lives we will come across someone that tries to bring us down, there will be instigators, and we will have people that betray us. Many enemies are brought into our lives not to weaken us, but to make us stronger and wiser.

They do this out of insecurity within themselves, or deep down they are intimidated or jealous of you. They can sometimes influence your thoughts, leading to emotions that may cause us to feel insignificant and inferior. One thing we must realize is that no one is capable of making us feel insignificant without our permission. People can only mess with you if you allow them to. At the end of the day, the only opinion that will truly define our well-being is ours, and if we allow others to influence the opinion we hold for ourselves, we will never find ourselves fulfilled.

You always set your worth

No matter what others may say or do to you, realize that no outside force can determine your personal worth from within.

Your value never decreases based on someones inability to see your worth. We must never allow someone's opinion to go as far as influencing our actions, for someone's judgment never has to become your reality. Don't let the actions of others change who we are. Not caring what others think of you could be the best decision you ever made, for it will enable you to be your true self.

You were born a free spirit, destined for a life lived by your means. Never imprison yourself behind the bars others will try to place on your well-being, for their shade will only darken the light of your character. This is your life to live, only to be seen through your eyes, and to be fulfilled through the utmost of your capabilities, through the actions of your desire. Live the life you were meant to live.