John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their destination wedding just weeks before they were scheduled to tie the knot. When it was revealed on April 15, it shocked fans because their engagement and romance to the altar had been highly profiled during their six years together. What was even more shocking was that Cena had required Bella to sign a 75-page cohabitation contract stating that she would leave the house if they ever separated.

Did Nikki move out?

People have been wondering if Nikki moved out. The answer is "Yes" and "No." According to Us Weekly, Nikki did not move out completely.

She has been staying with her twin sister Brie Bella and her brother-in-law Bryan Danielson. Even so, she is spending some nights with her ex-fiancé at his house. She wanted to move out after the wedding was called off, but Cena didn't want her to leave because of the close bond they still have. It is obvious that even though the wedding was called off, Nikki and John still have feelings for each other.

On Tuesday, May 8, Nikki admitted in a YouTube video that she has been hiding out after her wedding was called off. The trailer for the upcoming season of "Total Bellas" has more information about her relationship with the 40-year-old wrestler and their recent split.

The 34-year-old pro wrestler stated that it will be hard to watch what occurred, but she concludes that things like that happen sometimes in life.

In the video on her channel, she thanked fans for supporting her throughout those tough times. She encouraged fans to watch the new season of the reality show when it premieres on Sunday, May 20.

What's next for John and Nikki?

Time will tell how things will eventually turn out for the two pro-wrestlers.

Some speculate that the pair might get back together in about a year. Even though the wedding was called off, they are still civil to each other. Brie still considers John a part of their family, so who knows? John and Nikki might get back together since both of them are having a hard time adjusting to their split.

They are still seeing each other and will make their first public appearance in the same location next week at the NBCUniversal Upfront presentation.

After all, they are both in the same profession. They will be there with other pro-wrestlers, including Brie Bella, to represent WWE programming.

What do you think? Do you think John Cena and Nikki Bella will eventually get back together?